Oops… The Competitive Exams are Upon You.

Don’t panic.  Realize the SIX Facts below and master the suggested Techniques to Ace the Exam.


Fact One:  You are not alone…  You have an equal chance to win !

Competitive Tests are always scary for most people and so you are not alone.  However, competition is a way of life as there are many aspirants and limited seats at any reputed institution.

Don’t worry … it is the same in case of jobs or for that matter to obtain anything of value in life.

Good news is that there are many aspirants in the same boat.  Other than few genius students, most of your fellow competitors are equally nervous about the big exam day.  So, whoever is better prepared and less nervous shall eventually win.


Fact Two:  You don’t need to necessarily top the exam.. Find your level early and hone in. 

It is a race where there are more than 3 prizes. It does not mean that if you are not there at the very top, you get nothing.

You Don’t have to get a particular rank to enter the portals of an esteemed institution of your choice. A range is good enough.

In some good universities and colleges, a 1000 or even a 5,000 rank can get you a good seat in an engineering of your choice although the campus may not be the most preferred one.

Just playing hard to be in the top 100 can make you adopt strategies not suited to your strengths and this can misfire completely.  So, find your level in the diagnostics and do your best to seal a position in the institute of your dreams.


Fact Three: Start early by learning concepts. Learning by rote does not get you anywhere.

One way you can solve many of the above problems is to start studying early rather than leave it too late.  When you start studying early you start to imbibe concepts which stands you in good stead.

If you are giving competitive exams like JEE or BITSAT or any CET you cannot ignore concepts as there is always a small “trick” or a “trap” which you need to overcome for a successful solution.

Memorizing some laws and formulae may be good but definitely not good enough if you expect a competitive rank in one of the top exams.


Fact Four: Long hours of classes are not useful if the brain fails to absorb.

As they say it is not the number of hours you put in but what you put into those hours ultimately count.

Given the age on distraction we live in with television, mobile phones, chats & social media; it is difficult to find time to sit down to study and focus.

It is even more difficult if one is only attending classes one after another i.e. school in the morning, coaching class or private tuition in the evening which means you are being taught for 12-odd hours in a day (including all the travels up and down).

However, based on experience, what is usually precious is the quality time that one sits down all by himself or herself to mull over what they have heard in class. This is what provides true understanding and etches the concepts in one’s mind.


Fact Five: Reading your lessons like a novel does not help.

Some students do not get to their lessons are aplenty. We will not discuss them as there is no place for such students in a competitive exam.

There is the next category which sit with books or laptops or tablets or mobile Apps browsing topics and trying to learn as best as they can.  But simple relaxed reading does not help.

Scientifically speaking, there is a way to read effectively and understand. This is called “Active” Reading which means reading something with a determination to understand and imbibe.

During “active” reading concentration is higher and thereby your brain is more prepared to receive and retain.  This can also help save hours of toil and drudgery typically associated with studies.


Fact Six:  Always Know “What You Don’t Know” 

This may sound like a puzzle but is the most effective strategy to prepare for a competitive exam.

Answering quizzes, mini-Tests, any type of question or solving numerical problems is what really makes you realize where you stand with respect to a particular chapter in a particular subject.

So, sites like Testbee  (www.testbee.in) allow you to  measure your preparedness 24 x7 x 365 and provide detailed analytics.

Infact, “Learning Thru Questions or LTQ” is Testbee’s own unique model.

It acts like a blood test which helps you understand your deficiencies and thereafter tells you where to focus your energies and what topics or concepts you need to understand better.

In parallel, it creates the habit of regular test-taking which attunes one to the final Exam Day and also improves one’s speed and accuracy over time.

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