JEE Topper Laksh Gupta – Role Model to Prepare JEE Main Exam Conducted by NTA

Laksh Gupta, 18-Year-old has scored a perfect 100 percentile and All India Rank (AIR 9) in the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main which was held between September 1-6, 2020 and for which results were declared on September 11,2020.

Last year, Gupta got an offer of 100 per cent scholarship to study at Higher School of Economics at Russia after he won a gold medal at the International Economics Olympiad. He left the offer and has decided to pursue his studies in India.

Expressing his desire to work for the nation, Laksh told, “If I get a crore package also, I will not work abroad. It is this country that has given me every opportunity to become a successful person. In return, I will work for the development of my nation.”

Laksh is now focusing on JEE Advanced which is scheduled to held on September 27. His dream is to study Computer Science from IIT-Delhi else he shall settle for a four-year BSc programme from IISc Bangalore.

This is an example of a great student who is forsaking foreign scholarships to study in India and later also work in the country in interest of the nation.  We need more students like Laksh to make our country No.1 in the world. We at Testbee is sure he is an inspiration to many of you aspiring students who will sitting for JEE Main in the coming year.

Role modelling is a concept by which you learn from another successful person’s actions, thoughts and strategy. Think that if he/she can make it then why cant you ? This has many benefits as such an approach is both inspirational as well as comforting to imagine that you are simply following along someone else’s successful footsteps. So, if you want to ace JEE Main, it is best to use JEE Toppers as role models as they have been blazed the trail before you.

To adopt a role model and follow in the same path of success, we need to learn their characteristics, how they managed the workload, what did they focus upon, what guides they read and how they managed their time and who was their role model, if any. Sometimes we could just end up learning from their mistakes as well as they tell you what to avoid etc. at the end of their race.

So, if you want to consider Laksh as your role model, let us look at his preparation and some key pointers and tips that helped him to crack the highest percentile in JEE. Some key take-aways are as below:

Time Management:

He devoted four to 5 hours for the JEE Main entrance exam preparation

Reference Books & Classes:

He mainly focused on NCERT Books and HC verma for Physics

Notes of his coaching class i.e. Vidyamandir Classes also benefited him

Mock Tests: Laksh used to take mock tests on a daily basis.

At Testbee, we consider Mock test and Revision as the key pillars for success in JEE Main type of entrance exam.  It is practice, practice and more practice … athletes, swimmers and sport persons spend hours every day in repeatedly practicing every aspect of their sport.

So, it is natural that students trying to crack a major exam also need to do the same. Consider JEE Main and JEE Advanced as your Olympics where the gold medal awaits you.

So, if you want to be like Laksh, use Testbee Platform which contains last 10+ years past papers online with timers set. Additionally, the site has a Quiz repository of 10000+ Questions with detailed results analysis to improve both your speed and accuracy.

So why wait, just enrol and practice with Testbee. You could ace the JEE Main with ease …

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