“LTQ – Learn Thru Questions” Model

LTQ is a mode (Learn Through Questions) which is a handy tool conceptualised to improve the way the students study in India.

Indian culture over the aeons have always encouraged us to ask questions. Asking intelligent questions is quite difficult, and it only happens where one has sufficient knowledge in the subject.

However, this brings us to a tricky situation. How will you know you have sufficient knowledge of a subject or topic? The only way is to answer questions at various levels of difficulty and check your proficiency.

Answering questions makes you confident of “what you know” and also reveals what you “do not know” or “need to brush up”.

So, the formula is to try to answer every question you can find.

In Testbee, we have atleast 10,000+ questions for you to provide a practice which will not only improve your “concepts” but also prepare you for the big day by polishing both aspects, i.e. accuracy and speed.

Testbee also helps Teacher’s guide their students to effectively study for Competitive exams like JEE, BITS or CET or even for Board Exams.

For instance, there are three (3) main elements to a teacher’s day: Planning, Teaching, Assessment.

All this is woven into a single framework within Testbee. Technology is used to ease the struggles of teacher’s workload by providing facility to upload notes, create assignments, track progress, plan a student’s study calendar, etc.

Research shows that students make maximum progress when they receive instant, high-quality feedback from their teacher at the point of learning.

The quicker the feedback, the more effective it can be. As mentioned above, setting questions or problem to solve is an effective way to teach as much as it is to learn.

At Testbee, we have large Question Banks where a teacher can pick, adapt or create a set of question sets to test the understanding of a chapter / topic by providing a “Quiz”.

Quiz is a module of 5-10 questions picked from a specific set of chapters or topics.

Once the student answers, the marks are automatically calculated, and the solution is also sent to the students along with the performance results.

Parents can also track the student’s progress by logging into Testbee site.

We allow the students to invite their parents or grant permission to connect so as to ensure that it stays a participate process rather than an intrusive one.

Parents can check what his/her ward is studying and how they are progressing in their preparation, what quizzes or exams the student has taken so far, and how his / her scores have shaped-up over time.

Such a login will also allow the parents to evaluate the teacher’s effectiveness when wards get enrolled for any type of coaching.

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