Why Engineering is Still a Great Career Choice ?

If you are choosing a career which brings many rewards other than just a good salary, helps you participate in nation-building and forces you to be innovative, then look no further than engineering.

There is a wide choice in engineering from computer science, electronics, electrical, mechanical, civil engineering disciplines to specialised multi-disciplinary branches which have been synthesised based on current needs of the industry.

In an engineering career you can actually put science and mathematics to use and solve simple to complex real-life problems to arrive at the best, cost-effective solutions.

This is essentially what makes a company’s products saleable. As you deal with distinct problems and solve, you find that an engineering job is not repetitive – meaning that every day can be refreshingly different.

An engineer needs to use both sides of the brain – creative “right” and logical “left”. That means one’s brain is used to capacity.

Engineering is inherently creative, as the engineers have to take ideas and make them real. This is the same irrespective of whether someone is building a car or a bridge or creating a space rocket.

Given today’s world, being right-brained is important to become a good innovative engineer. At the same time, an engineer’s left brain needs to be equally active so that he/she can make those precise calculations to make a perfect, practical device for our use.

Creating the optimal solutions to complex real-life problems requires close collaboration with one’s colleagues, peers, customers and suppliers.

Teamwork and clear communication are vital ingredients for a successful engineering career. Many of the engineering is multi disciplinary. As one cannot be an expert in every field, one is forced to co-operate, collaborate and co-create.

Just think of a country like India where we need to build everything from highways, buildings, power plants, factories, to digital solutions, space travel, genetic engineering, etc.

The ultimate goal of engineering shall be to solve world hunger, eradicate diseases, slow global warming etc so the world around us becomes more equitable and sustainable place to live. In such a sense, a good engineer will never be out of work as many of these goals are still far, far away.

On the flip-side, out of a million engineers who graduate every year in India, only 50-60% are employable. Even the engineers who get proper engineering jobs are restless and get into areas like management by studying MBA.

Many of the engineers complain their work is boring and their companies do not offer the kind of opportunities which challenge their skills. But there is a set of 10% engineers who are able to make a difference despite all odds and shine through.

So essentially, it is what one makes out of being an engineer. There has to be a “passion to be an engineer” to begin with, and then the rest can fall into place.

If you find your workplace is not suitable and you think you are cut out for more, you can begin your own start-up.

If someone has a good workable idea today, there is a large ecosystem in the country which is willing to pitch in and help.

Many government programs are also present to help the bright start-ups. So, engineer has a bigger opportunity horizon that ever before.

In India, we see that the most coveted engineering positions go to engineers who have graduated out of premier engineering institutions like IIT, BITS, regional engineering colleges and reputed city-based engineering colleges.

This is the precise reason why preparing effectively and entering a premier engineering institution should be a student’s priority.

All things remaining equal, a reputed degree does provide an early boost in one’s career and you can get a head-start.

At Testbee, we strongly believe that asking the right questions shapes one’s mind and fires up the quest to find answers.

So, we emphasise on “Learning Thru Questions” and have provided a complete framework for a student to prepare for any Top Engineering exam in the country.

All you need is practice, practice and practice. So, hope to see you in a premier engineering institute soon. All the very best !

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