JEE Topper Laksh Gupta – Role Model to Prepare JEE Main Exam Conducted by NTA

Laksh Gupta, 18-Year-old has scored a perfect 100 percentile and All India Rank (AIR 9) in the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main which was held between September 1-6, 2020 and for which results were declared on September 11,2020. Last year, Gupta got an offer of 100 per cent scholarship to study at Higher School of […]

10 Medical Advances we can Expect to Become Commonplace

Excerpt from an article compiled by Marelize Wilke on on 12th January, 2018.  Upon reading this article, we decided to feature the same for the students who are aspiring doctors. We know Medical Technology is advancing at a rapid pace as diseases are also getting more common in a stress-filled modern world. What are […]

The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

Regular exercise is not only good for the body but also the most effective way to improve your mental health. Depression, anxiety, ADHD – all are reduced thru regular exercise. Multiple benefits include stress relief, memory boost, enables good sleep, and provides good mood. Good news is that modest amounts of exercise can make a […]

KCET Preparation: Pattern, Few Tips & Tricks

The first step towards towards KCET preparation is to understand KCET Syllabus completely. The syllabus of the questions mentioned in the question papers of the KCET exam will mostly be based on PUC-I and PUC-II  syllabus prescribed by the Department of Karnataka Education KCET Paper Pattern 2020 (Engineering Stream) Exam Mode Offline i.e. Paper-based Chemistry […]

JEE Main 2020 Preparation Tips: A Complete Guide

Before you decide to sit for JEE Main Entrance Examination, you need to ask yourself certain points before you invest vast time and energy for the preparation: Are you having the burning passion to join an Engineering Course from a premier institute or college? Are you willing to make the sacrifices in terms of social […]

“LTQ – Learn Thru Questions” Model

LTQ is a mode (Learn Through Questions) which is a handy tool conceptualised to improve the way the students study in India. Indian culture over the aeons have always encouraged us to ask questions. Asking intelligent questions is quite difficult, and it only happens where one has sufficient knowledge in the subject. However, this brings […]

Why Engineering is Still a Great Career Choice ?

If you are choosing a career which brings many rewards other than just a good salary, helps you participate in nation-building and forces you to be innovative, then look no further than engineering. There is a wide choice in engineering from computer science, electronics, electrical, mechanical, civil engineering disciplines to specialised multi-disciplinary branches which have […]

Why a Good Student at Board Exams may not get a High Rank in a Competitive Exam or Vice Versa ?

The Board Exam and Competitive Exam are real oil and water – they do no mix. This the common impression. There is some truth to this theory as the patterns of the Board Exam consists of more descriptive type of questions and Competitive Exam usually consists of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). Both have their own […]